dotts is a new experience, a better way to create products. dotts is technology, audio, design, innovation and sustainability combined to create excellence. We believe in a fashion technology future, a future where every electronic product is perfectly designed to match each individual need. We want to change the way you wear and you use your electronic products bringing the world of fashion closer to the rapidly changing world of technology.

dotts is in a constant change, in a constant search of perfection. We place the customer in the center of the brand, building an experience where every individual can be part of the design process of their own products. dotts is transparency and responsibility, dotts is present… but also future.

We are a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid, the beautiful capital city of Spain, and we are proud to contribute to European's Made products quality worldwide.


dotts audio

Calle Salamanca 6, 1B

28108, Madrid


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